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  • Could Adversity Increase Open-Mindedness?

    Marie Forgeard / November 5, 2018

    According to anecdotal reports and past research, many people perceive that going through significant hardship changed their outlook on life by opening their minds up to new possibilities for their lives. Whether they started new initiatives or activities, changed jobs, or became more receptive to new perspectives, people report feeling compelled to question long-held assumptions […]

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  • Do daily experiences in romantic relationships shape our personality?

    Katie Turner, Laura Blackie, & Kate McLean / October 11, 2018

    Human beings are story tellers. We create stories both to entertain others and to give our own lives a sense of meaning and coherence across time and context. Research into the life stories we tell about our experiences has shown that this process is important for identity formation and for making sense of our experiences, […]

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  • What are the ingredients of adversity? Examining characteristics of adverse events as predictors of character growth

    Ina Fassbender & Maike Luhmann / September 24, 2018

    Which kinds of adversities are associated with character growth, and which ones are not? Are there certain adverse life events that lead to character growth? Our research project focuses on event characteristics such as the predictability of a life event or the perceived influence an individual has on a certain life event. The aim of […]

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  • Characterizing Character Growth Following Breast Cancer Diagnosis

    Aaron Heller / August 22, 2018

    Post-traumatic growth is positive change experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis or a traumatic event. Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is indeed a major life and existential crisis for the vast majority of women. Its treatment is a protracted potent stressor for the patient and her family as “primary” […]

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  • Couples Coping with a Biopsy

    Patricia Moreno and Elaine Cheung / August 2, 2018

    A cancer diagnosis is a profound and often very stressful experience for both patients and their partners. Spouses and partners are by far the most common informal cancer caregivers, helping patients manage disease symptoms, treatment side effects, and emotional distress. Despite these significant challenges, research over the past two decades demonstrates that cancer patients and […]

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