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  • Couples Coping with a Biopsy

    Patricia Moreno and Elaine Cheung / August 2, 2018

    A cancer diagnosis is a profound and often very stressful experience for both patients and their partners. Spouses and partners are by far the most common informal cancer caregivers, helping patients manage disease symptoms, treatment side effects, and emotional distress. Despite these significant challenges, research over the past two decades demonstrates that cancer patients and […]

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  • Blog-Research-Projects

    Research Projects Selected from the RFP

    Frank J. Infurna and Eranda Jayawickreme / February 12, 2018

    We started this journey way back in Spring 2016 when we first began having regular meetings about the direction to go with the grant. Those initial meetings were instrumental in discussing the various ideas that came to fruition through the grant. In October 2016, we received confirmation of funding and since then, this project has […]

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    What does it mean to be resilient?

    Frank J Infurna and Eranda Jayawickreme / March 18, 2017

    Resilience is a term used so frequently that some have argued it has lost all meaning. To provide one example, Paul Sehgal (2015) wrote that the usage of the term “resilience” across contexts, such as individuals, communities, and companies have rendered it empty and without clear meaning. He arguably has a point. How often have […]

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    Does character change following adversity?

    Eranda Jayawickreme & Frank Infurna / February 21, 2017

    What do we currently know about how character changes following trauma, adversity or life challenge? Much theorizing on the role of life events in shaping personality focuses on the importance of significant life events in shaping personality. These events have the potential to modify, interrupt or redirect people’s lives by impacting their thoughts, feelings and […]

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    Welcome to the website for the Pathways to Character Project!

    Eranda Jayawickreme & Frank J. Infurna / January 18, 2017

    Welcome to the website for the Pathways to Character Project! The overarching goal of this project is to examine whether and how adversities, challenges, or failures that individuals experience…

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